Pretoria, Gauteng

About Me:

I am very keen aircraft enthusiast, and particular enjoy building model aircraft. I have also recently started working on building gas turbines from old turbo chargers.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have been working on telemetry for model aircraft for more than 10 years, and now I want to add an autopilot as well.



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Jeffrey Knickelbein commented on Fredia Huya-Kouadio's blog post Announcing Beta releases for DroidPlanner 3 and 3DR Services
"I really loved the primary flight display (PFD) of the original Droidplanner. Is there anyone else that still uses that function? I use my Ardupilot for fixed wing aircraft, and reading numbers those numbers takes too long to interpret. Seeing a…"
Apr 30, 2015
Jeffrey Knickelbein replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.63 released
"I have a problem compiling the latest 2.63 code using the Arduino environment. I copied the libraries to the required location, and then copied my APM_Config.h file over and it reports several compiler errors.
I get these errors:
Sep 20, 2012
Jeffrey Knickelbein replied to Aizzat's discussion XBEE Problem with APM2.0
"There seems to be fwe of these issues on the forum.
I am using the Adafruit XBee adaptor board with a Series1 XBee PRO and originally I got some comms but stopped. This was because the modem control lines are not used on the APM2 board. I use a USB…"
Jul 12, 2012
Jeffrey Knickelbein replied to Matt Palmer's discussion APM2 wont go past "Got param COMPASS_OFX_X"
"I have the same problem. I initially tried Series 1 XBee PRO modules, but I had trouble with the modem control lines. I have now tried Series 2 XBee (not PRO) modules at 115200 baud and 57600 baud and I can't get past the getParamList problem. When…"
Jul 10, 2012
Jeffrey Knickelbein replied to Andrew Radford's discussion MTK GPS: Would it be possible to save almanacs to speed startup?
"I see there is a message to start the GPS in hotstart mode which means it fetches all data available from NV memory. There is also a warm start and a cold start option. Maybe this is the way to go. I also use the uBlox GPS and it defaults to the…"
Jun 14, 2012
Jeffrey Knickelbein replied to Dean Wynton's discussion 3D fix 3 satelites
"I have a similar problem. I have been testing my APM2 with the MediaTek GPS and the first time out the box the GPS took in the order of 45 minutes to download the almanac and get a fix. I thought maybe it's because I am in the Southern hemisphere…"
Jun 14, 2012