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Newbie - Log Help

Hi all,

Recently got a tarot 650 quad up and running with a pixhawk fc.

Running 3.3.2 firmware.

I have had a couple of successful flights, only close line of sight, an autotune etc.

It definitely needed more tuning as I dont think the autotune was great

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APM 2.5 or PX4

Hi All,

Just about to get myself a quad setup for my APM2.5.

After browsing the forums I see a PX4 for sale.

Having never heard of it before. Is the PX4 the new best thing? Benefits of it over the APM2.5?

Any advice would be great

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ER9X Setup for Quadcopter

Hi all,

New to the quadcopter flying scene.

Am looking at setting up my 9x with ER9X and am wondering what settings people use.

For example, Last night i worked out to drop the max throttle in er9x so that I have more throw with the stick to make finer

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Quadcopter tuning.. Need help

Hi All,


I'm slowly working out the fine art of quadcopter building and flying but i have a few problems.


It doesnt seem very stable, I can takeoff, get it to a certain height, eg. 5m, switch it to alt hold mode, with throttle set at hovering and it j

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