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Joe Jackson commented on Tommy Larsen's blog post Skywalker X8 hand injury
"I use gloves like these for hand launching flying wings,have yet to find out it they work or not.

Cut Resistant Gloves,Yellow,L,PRItem # 1AJ44Cut Resistant GlovesUncoated Coating Material, Kevlar(r) Lining, Cut Resistant Yes, Abrasion Resistant…"
Jun 8, 2013
Joe Jackson commented on Patrick McKay's blog post Deep Reaper Adventures - First Month
"I used to fly with LCD as I wear glasses.I moved over to Fatsharks with lens inserts. I took an old pair of glasses and removed the temples(arms).Taped the rest of the frame to the underside of the Fatsharks so that they hang down and can swing…"
Dec 10, 2012
Joe Jackson replied to Patrick Mccabe's discussion Xbee is delayed and sending in packets
"Try the following on both XBEEs
Set RR(MAC retries)=0 ,does not sent ACK or wait for ACK when data sent
AP(API mode)=0 Transparent mode
BD(baud rate)=7 (115200)
RO(Packetization Timeout)=0 ,instant transmit of data"
May 20, 2010
Joe Jackson posted a discussion
Transmitter'pic16f690 and PBP Joystick 38400baud only transmit 900 bytes/sec,30 servo pulses a sec.'GPS is also transmitted from plane on same xbees 500 bytes/sec 2.5hz of GPS data'xbee 900 38400baud, transparent mode,broadcast,RO=0,MT=0(broadcast…
Mar 7, 2010
Joe Jackson replied to Gary Mortimer's discussion Is this a worry or not ?.... UAV systems infringing in US 6370629
"He claims that "non-repudiated controls as digital evidence of some motion-object's actions in a real-virtual or ephemeral context. "

But in

he claims
"Todd Glassey, chief…"
Feb 3, 2010
Joe Jackson left a comment for James Turner
"I have not tried the software,when I get around to it I will use the timer interrupt section of it.
I beefed up the power supply to cut down on interference..
I had been running the setup on a bread board with linear regulators.
I got 2 switching…"
Sep 11, 2009
Joe Jackson left a comment for James Turner
James if you send the files to above email it would be good.
I dont know how to send emails internally within the diydrones site.
I might try use the red LED signal to reset the XBee aswell, that would stop data transfer ,it…"
Sep 3, 2009
Joe Jackson left a comment for James Turner
"Thanks James,
If you have a copy of the code for the PIC to replace the Pololu I would like to see it.
I was going to run the the signal used to switch on the red led on the Pololu over to the reset pin on the pololu to see if it…"
Sep 2, 2009