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Hobbyist of SUAV and IT Telecommunications engineer

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Multi-rotor and fixed wing.


Blythewood, SC

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John Lever replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"I can confirm that 12 runs on HTC DNA with OTG adapter and 3DR radio. No crash, though I'm not certain what I should be able to do at this point. :)"
Jan 26, 2013
John Lever replied to John Lever's discussion Is it safe to use ch8 input on Arducopter now?
"Terrific. Thanks for the clarification. So I should then flash the ArduPPM_v0.9.87_Arducopter-APMv1.4.hex to the PPM encoder that doesn't have the CH8 passthrough support. Is that right?"
Dec 9, 2012
John Lever posted a discussion
I recall reading on the WIKI that ch8 input should never be used with arducopter code, in that it triggers manual output of the PWM signals. Is this still true with the later code? I'm already using channel 6 and 7 for gimbal control and was hoping…
Dec 9, 2012
John Lever commented on R. D. Starwalt's blog post An RC receiver deck for the South Carolina Arducopter
"Don't forget about me! I'm in Columbia with a very happy Octo. I travel with it to Greenville, SC and Asheville,NC all the time. Great to see other builders in the Palmetto state! Good luck with your build!"
Jun 29, 2012
John Lever replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.6 released!
"Is it normal for the new 2.6 code to be beeping constantly? I have a speaker attached to A5 on my APM2 and when the motors are disarmed, the system is just beeping constantly. When I arm the motors, the beeping changes to a solid tone. On 2.5 and…"
Jun 17, 2012
John Lever commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post New: Wifi BacPac and remote control for GoPro cameras

This was filmed using two Hero's. The effect is lost at greater distances."
Jun 5, 2012
John Lever replied to Sami Finnila's discussion APM 2 gyro (scaling?) issue || RESOLVED
"Wow! Terrific find everyone. Two thumbs up from this guy. The new scaling and PD loop for the camera stabilization made all the difference in the world for me. March APM2."
May 6, 2012
John Lever replied to John Lever's discussion New heavy octo - trouble with alt_hold
"Nothing, no one? I can upload a video if that will help.403960_3465137515623_1486564438_33187951_350863856_n.jpg423300_3465133235516_1486564438_33187949_309069173_n.jpg"
Apr 11, 2012
John Lever posted a discussion
Hello.First of all, I want to thank you for your time in reading this. I'm a relative newbie to APM, but I do follow directions pretty well, at least I believe I have.I have a new heavy octo with APM2 (2.5.3) that I have stabilized pretty well,…
Apr 7, 2012
John Lever left a comment for Drone-LLC
"Thanks for the invite. I'll share whatever I can. Although the build itself was pretty uneventful, I *am* fighting to get the PID values correct. It seems like everyone else's "heavy" quad, hexa and X-8 parameters are of little use for the stiff…"
Mar 26, 2012
John Lever replied to Ruwan's discussion Share your drone info thread
"Not exactly DIY in the purest sense, but here is my latest build. She hasn't maidened yet. Still balancing the props.

frame: Droidworx AD8-HLcontroller/autopilot: APM2motors: Avroto 2814 770Kv esc: DYS 30A w/SimonK firmwarebec: Castle Creations…"
Mar 19, 2012
John Lever replied to randal's discussion Arduplane 2.28 and Arduino IDE version 1
"Are you using the 1.0 compiled with the -relax option from the APM repository?

Mar 5, 2012