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Px4 Testing

I am starting this discussion to post information for  testing the Px4 platform.

Most of the discussion is currently in the APM vs Px4 thread. ArduCopter on the Px4 is a work in progressand has made great progress. I have Arducopter on a Px4 Fmu board

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PX4 Multiwii

Timecop's  port  of  Multiwii to STM32  should work on the PX4  with some changes to put the mpu6000 in to I2c mode and use it as a Mpu6050 ,or a new  Multiwii driver for Mpu6000.
The latest version  of his Naze32  is using the Mpu6050, HMC5883 and 

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2.7.4 Beta DMP

I  was not able to find any discussion of the  DMP since  it was released .

So I  gave it a try  with the latest fixes from the Git trunk. since it turned out  2.7.4 Beta from downloads had a bug  with DMP init freezing.

On setup their is a slight offs

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APM2 2560 SPI/ISP can not Flash

 While  updating to AC2.7  the 2560  Bootloader  got corrupted and would not work.

 I have tried to flash  the Arduino Bootloader  over the ICSP  but have too many errors.

 Alot of fustrating time later I have to give up.  I tried  different Programers

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Why no CH6_opt


 After playing with Mp and APM2  looking for the CH6_opt for tuning as described in the wiki  I started looking at the source.

I see the CH7_opt  can be defined in the config file but no mention of the CH6 and the box does not seem to exist in the cu

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