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Motors not arming

I have the arducopter kit with all the stock equipment.


I just finished configuring the RX/TX in the conifgurator and everything worked perfectly.

I know I have RX power because I have a red light on but I cannot arm the motors at all. 


I unplugged th

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Hawk Sky trying to take off backwards

I bought a Hawk Sky and put it together last weekend. 


The prop was already on the motor when I bought it.  I tried to take it off today and the thing kept trying to roll backwards!


I read that you had to reverse the prop, but when i did, it still ro

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Testing the AMP and Sheild

I just finished soldering all the connections for my APM and Sheild.  I had a bit of trouble with two pins and had to do a little custom work to complete the solder job.


Is there a good way to test and make sure everything is working correctly before

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Burned Trace and Pad on APM

Well I got my kit yesterday and in my haste to get things started I grabed the wrong soldering iron and went to work.  The iron was a 60watt and when I had to remove a header to resolder, I ended up lifting the solder pad and a small piece of a trace

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Power supply for battery charger

Ok I am sure this is a total noob question, but I would appriciate some advise.


I bought a Turnigy Li-Po Battery Charger and I noticed the product page says that the power supply is not included.  I assume this means that thoes nice little aligator c

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Question about FAA regulations

I am going to be flying my arducopter mostly at a friends land in the country.  Sadly there are a few old, probablly debunked airstrips around his land.  These airports are registered and have a rating for no more than a single engine plane and neith

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