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Chanding parameters in flight?

I am trying to use a QX1 camera for mapping. I have a SeagullUAV trigger which triggers the camera with a certain PWM pulse width and toggles the camera on/off with another pulse width on the same port.

The problem is if I set the RC7 output as a trig

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do_set_servo doesn't work

I am trying turn on a Sony QX1 camera using Seagull UAV. I only need to give it a certain PWM value and it will turn on the camera.

The problem is I tried to use do_set_servo and do_repeat_servo but they don't work.

I see the PWM change in the waypoint

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Getting Params slow


I am currently having a problem with an RFD900 Radio. The connection is not always good at startup and the loading of parameters is slow.

Is there a way to disable the "loading params" process on mission planner? Is there a problem with just can

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6s battery with 3DR power module

So I just found out the 3DR power module is only rated for up to 4s batteries (i.e. 18v)

The funny thing is I noticed it after 6-8 successful flights with a 6s battery.

What is the risk if I continue to use the 6s battery? Does any component burn out?


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