Riverton, KS

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I am a high school student in Riverton Kansas with a devout interest in math, science, and engineering. I love learning about technology and building anything I think would be cool. I still play with Legos, but I am also a pro with a soldering gun,and I know my way around a work bench. Aside from that, I am new to this, so if you have any advice for a newbie it would be happily received.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm currently building a drone using a Skywalker airframe. I hope to one day be a student at a college like MIT that is very proficient in engineering studies and research. I hope that the things I learn on this journey will serve me well in my chosen career path of Aerospace/Aeronautical engineering.


Riverton, Ks

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Kevin Morrow posted a blog post
As a member of the Midwestern Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle Association, I am pleased to announce the establishment of the first state chapter of MUAVA! The Kansas Chapter would like to invite any UAS enthusiasts interested in the usage of these…
Nov 5, 2013
Kevin Morrow replied to Kevin Morrow's discussion 3DR Minim OSD vs. HK Minim OSD
"I guess your right. That reason coupled with the guaranteed quality service and dependability of the original 3DR version make it worth 2.5X the cost of the clone. My real question is why 3DR would let HKing do that with their product. I understand…"
Aug 2, 2013
Kevin Morrow posted a discussion
As far as I can tell these two products are the exact same thing.3DR OSDHK Minim OSDWhat keeps me from buying the cheaper one?!!! Once again they are the exact same thing! Now I love 3DR to death, but a 30$ price deficit is calling my name. Please…
Aug 1, 2013
Kevin Morrow commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Here's the page for local DIY Drones fly/meetup groups. Add yours (or make one)!
"I started a new group for Southeast/All of Kansas. Here is the link.
Southeast Kansas Drones"
Jul 25, 2013
Kevin Morrow posted a discussion
I understand that this probably is not the place to post this, but it is as good as any that I can find. I just finished my Skywalker 168cm. It has the following: APM 2.5, 4000mah 4S 30C, 3DR Telemetry, 5.8Ghz 1W Video Transmitter and Receiver,…
Jul 18, 2013
Kevin Morrow commented on Szilard's blog post APM 2.6 + GPS with compass
"So can I use this new GPS system on my APM 2.5? If not is anyone interested in a $70 APM  2.5?"
Jul 14, 2013
Kevin Morrow commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x
"Is is possible to use channel 9 instead of channel 5 for mixing? I do not have retracts on my Skywalker lol :) so I don't really use channel nine."
Jun 26, 2013
Kevin Morrow posted a discussion
Why are there no cables longer than 15 cm for the 3dr air radio to apm connection. I really need a longer cable and in hindsight 3dr should have known that some people would eventually need longer cables for their setups, so why do they not sell…
Jun 23, 2013