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Integration of new sensors into arduPilot

We are a small startup company located in Norway, reaching out to the community here instead in hope that we can give something back to community instead of hiring a software engineer.

We need a logger for air and imu data and hence we have chosen the

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Paraglider, with its own pwm regulator


I am currently making a paraglider(Several cons and pros for that approach, but I wanted todo something different:) I want to use pixhawk to control it. So the paraglider is like a plane with rudder,elevator and motor. My problem is that the rudde

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Test code


I am trying to turn the apm 2.0 into a logger but doesnt know quite where to start. I will try to log gps, compass,mpu,temperature and altitude as fast as possible and just dump it to the serial with the mavlink protocol. I would therefore like to

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I have a project where i need to measure +-3 degree with a resolution of .2 degree with a sampling rate of 100hz over a time period of 1 week.

Can i use one of these sensors or should i go for X sense?

It is to meassure some waves response on my next u

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5 hole probe

Has anyone made a 5 hole probe to measure angle of attack? what about using 3 of the existing diff sensor from diydrones and make a new probe?

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Wireing diagram

I am looking for a wireing program were I can use red for vcc, black for gnd and yellow for signal and use my own image as background image for the wireing diagram.

Can eagle do this?

I want to do sth like in the below picture, but add connectors,cable

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We want to build a fpv system based on hobbyking items, does anyone here have any recomandations of which set to use?



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GPS formulas

I am trying to write up a code using the known GPS position to caluate the distance to a given point>


long  distance  =  dist2Point(long latitudeOfPoint,long longitudeOfPoint)


and also distance to a given line which goes between to GPS points>



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Entrence into ardupilot

Lately I got into talk with several people at the airfield, both glider pilots, fullsize glider pilots, beginners and advanced pilots.It was just one off all these people that had taken the step to buy an autopilot set(Papparazzi), the other ones wer

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Mobile phone

What about using a mobile phone instead of the xbee as telemetry? Connect through usb or bluetooth. Then you also get a free camera or video camera as well. Any idea around this?

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