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My Bixler 1.1 Drone Project

Hi all,

I newly developed a fixed wing drone with Bixler 1.1 from hk.

Below picture is autopilot cockpit module I designed for pixhawk.

I had to extend front section of the cockpit from its original length to fit longer pixhawk into the cockpit.

Also not

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External LED schematics available?

Hi all,

I am designing a drone for using pixhawk and need to retrofit the external USB and LED for my own design.

So I draw schematics and circuit board for both USB and LEDs. 

USB works just fine however LED circuit does not work as expected. 

I tried t

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Lost GPS and speed up problem


I have been flying my quadcopter with mission planner in Korea and happy about its auto navigation flying. 

However, 1 out of 7 or 8 attempts the mission was failed due to lost gps signal in the middle of waypoints.

As a robotics engineer myself,

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