Lansing, MI

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I am using a Solo 3dr drone for research.



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L Roberts posted a discussion in 3DR SOLO
Hi everyone, I would like the Pixhawk 2 on my Solo to accept PPM inputs. How can I interrupt the Spektrum process running on Solo so that it can accept these PPM signals? The reason I want to use PPM signals is because I want to control Solo's yaw…
Mar 7, 2017
L Roberts posted a discussion
Hi everyone. I am running MAVProxy between an Intel Edison and a 3DR drone. I can establish communication between them in this way. I need to run a python program from the Edison. I need to connect to the drone in this python program. It seems I…
Jan 31, 2017
L Roberts posted a discussion
Hi everyone,I have a Solo 3DR drone and an Intel Edison. I would like to send commands from the Edison to the drone via MAVlink. I need to keep the Edison in host mode, as I need it for vision processing; this processing will determine the commands…
Aug 2, 2016