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Flew RC when I was a kid with my dad, getting back into it with my kids

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stable fpv flight and aerial photography, having fun


Bar Harbor

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Larry Nuesslein commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New APM-powered Phantom clone at HobbyKing
"I am very sad now. Boo Hoo.
I like my CX-20, vat a deal, only $225, got it flying well, it is my 5th larger quad. I have flown with the KK2, APM 2.5, Naza and the Naze32. I am a good flyer but not a super geek tech guy.
I just installed a Bangood 2…"
Jun 19, 2015
Larry Nuesslein replied to Larry Nuesslein's discussion broken telemetry antenna base
"No never got it fixed. I don't think my soldering skills are up to the delicate task. I bought a Chinese radio set but the plugs don't match the 3dr style,  
Do you know a good way to fix?

Thanks you for replying."
Mar 16, 2015
Larry Nuesslein commented on Rai's blog post Dayaks and Drones - The Movie
"Thanks for posting. I love to see work that features the positive uses of flying drone technology. "
Dec 16, 2014
Larry Nuesslein commented on Team Tiltrotor's blog post Prototype Tiltrotor Development using APM 2.5
"Really cool stuff. There is a kid over in the UK that did something similar. I wish I had the time to work out one for mysel!
Nov 30, 2014
Larry Nuesslein replied to Robert Merki's discussion Tell me what pains you about drones/UAVs. (VENT AT ME)
"Now it is all over, did anyone see the South Park episode with the drones? The social issues are really running wild.
Nov 20, 2014
Larry Nuesslein replied to Robert Merki's discussion Tell me what pains you about drones/UAVs. (VENT AT ME)
"Better PR for drones. We have to get the uneducated general public on our side. People don't understand them, it is easier for them to say drones should be banned and get their congressmen to agree with them.
When people design a new platform they…"
Nov 16, 2014
Larry Nuesslein posted a discussion
Crunched my 915 MHz transmitter antenna today, Base broke off of circuit board. Anyone know where to order a replacement base?Thanks 
Aug 5, 2014
Larry Nuesslein replied to Damo's discussion Finwing penguin Maiden Flight - Help Needed in ArduPlane User Group
"Probably a prop problem, like the other guys said, it is backwards or maybe the wrong pitch/size. It also looked a tad tail heavy to me.  "
Jun 3, 2014
Larry Nuesslein commented on Brandon Basso's blog post SpaceX Grasshopper 744m test
"Big point you guys are missing! This is a commercial use of a remote control aircraft and the FAA is gonna come get them with a $10,000 fine. Just ask Mr Trappy. 
What a cool video it is, almost 2 million hits on YouTube, now that is what I call…"
Oct 17, 2013
Larry Nuesslein commented on Majid Khan's blog post Configuring Turnigy 9x with arducopter
"Thank You for posting this! Saved me lots of time and head scratching."
Jun 28, 2013
Larry Nuesslein replied to Bo Wingo's discussion Did I ruin my battery?
"Maybe. I did the same thing messing around with my kk2 board when I first got it. Try to charge your battery(I assume a lipo) for a very short time on the NiMH setting on your charger, just to get the voltage high enough so it will charge as a lipo.…"
Mar 28, 2013