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Lester posted a discussion
Hi,I just got myself a gopro gimbal from ebay, and long story short I've accidentally connected the tilt wires (powered) from the gimbal wrongly on to my receiver and I think this may have broken my APM 2.5 board.Basically I've accidentally put the…
Jan 19, 2014
Lester replied to Brian Healy's discussion Compass Calibration always above 150
"Same problem. I can't figure it out. Think we may have a magnetized and therefore faulty compass. "
Nov 29, 2013
Lester replied to Jonathan B.'s discussion APM 2.5.2 Compass Offsets
"I'm having a similar problem but offset readings are >400 everywhere! I may have placed a magnetized screw driver near the compass when I was initially assembling it... not sure if this has permanently damaged the compass."
Nov 28, 2013
Lester posted a discussion
I need some advice please.I've got the APM 2.6 with an external compass and the offsets are always >400 on all axis (X,Y,Z) no matter where I place it on the frame, away from metals and close to metals. I've done the live calibration at least 20…
Nov 28, 2013