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Pixhawk control issues


I'm having issues with my PX4-based quad. I get it armed and motors spin normally, they are all in the correct order since I get it off the ground more or less smoothly. I can get it off the ground and move it back and forth, left or right with so

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Quad crashed when RTL

Last saturday I went to do some testing on my quad and I had an awful crash, this is what happend:

- Armed the quad with Mission Planner in Stabilize mode

- Moved the a few meters up and a few mts away south

- Switched to RTL

Then the quad went to the no

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Quad strange behaviour


I have setup a quad like this:

APM 2.6 fw 3.2.1

3DR 915Mhz Radio


3DR Power module

HJ 450 Frame

Also use APM 2.0 RC1/RC3

I flew it normally for a time, I cant figure out why at one moment it started to behave really odd, I think it was when I was

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Takeoff throttle/speed

Seems that if I want to make the drone to autonomously take off I cannot do it because the APM waits for the speed to be greater than a few m/s to actually start doing anything, in this case start to steer the UAV.

Using Mission Planner how do I make

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APM 2.6 motor not moving

Im using MP 2.0 RC1 and APM 2.6 Quadcopter,

I can't get to even move the engines doing a test with the serial console, they beep when I turn them on I beleive normally.

I don't have a RC transmitter/receiver since it's not really important to my projec

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APM 2.6 using ar.drone drivers and motors

I been reading a lot about how crappy is the ar.drone, but at the moment I have one and I have an APM 2.6. While my proper UAV gets to the country (that will take about 2 months) I can can work on getting used to the APM software side.


My current pro

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