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Nathan Rae posted a blog post
Back in May Chris posted a news item about Amazon's drone based delivery system patent which got some attention but most people missed a crucial claim in it:2. The system of claim 1, wherein the unmanned aerial vehicle is further configured to:…
Jun 16, 2015
Nathan Rae commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Patent application for Amazon's drone mothership
"I think I can invalidate most of this patent (Claims 1 through 15 at first reading) with the demonstration of "Prior Art" which was one of the reasons why I described a similar concept here on DIYDrones.com in Feb 2013:…"
May 10, 2015
Nathan Rae commented on Bart Theys's blog post Design of a multi-rotor VTOL UAV and docking station for automated aerial transport
"Hi Guys.  This looks like a good step forward.  Have you seen the Physical Package Protocol project (formally Pigeon Post)?  Your system is the closest I've seen to the proposed spec.
Jul 18, 2014
Nathan Rae posted a blog post
Here's some research models showing how the Pigeon Post System Smart Case and Smart Coop could interact. Working with the Lego and magnet set up I have realised I need to redesign the smart case top/bottom to be square as the rectangle cross section…
Mar 12, 2013
Nathan Rae commented on Drone Prepper's photo
"Hi.  Just a couple of questions.  Where is the center of gravity on this and how is it stable?  Does the rear prop rotate so it points downwards?
Mar 8, 2013
Nathan Rae posted a blog post
Following on from this mornings post about delivering cupcakes I thought I'd post a talk I gave last week at the Bootstrap Business Club in Manchester, UK. The main conceptual difference between the many Cupcake/Taco/Burrito Copters (including the…
Feb 19, 2013
Nathan Rae replied to Harry Hubbert's discussion Heavy lift quadcopter/hexacopter
"Hi Harry,

I've been following this along and I was wondering what it was you were aiming to lift with the beast of a Multi Copter you are building?  Are you going to be lifting and placing breeze blocks or timber for the construction industry or…"
Jan 24, 2013
Nathan Rae posted a blog post
Following on from the Tacocopter post I thought I'd update you on the Pigeon Post Smart Case design.So I received some feedback from the last version (V 0.1.4) and have added it to my own thoughts.  The improvements fall into 3 main areas:1.  Make…
May 1, 2012
Nathan Rae posted a discussion
Over at Pigeon Post Systems were are in the process of setting up an open standards platform for a fully automated package delivery system.Check out www.pigeonpost.co for more details but the question I'm asking here is:Any existing UAV projects or…
Feb 9, 2012
Nathan Rae replied to ctech4285's discussion How about a auto recharge landing platform for copters?
"Hi ctech

I'm looking for people to help with the auto recharge landing platform as part of the Pigeon Post project ( www.pigeonpost.co for more info).  What the system needs is a platform which copters of all types and sizes can land on but still…"
Dec 16, 2011
Nathan Rae commented on Nathan Rae's blog post Like Water Off A Duck's (or Pigeon's) Back!
"So what about the problem of water colelecting or ice forming on the blades, arms or bodies of your UAV. Do you think this substance would help?"
Nov 17, 2011
Nathan Rae posted a blog post
​One of the criticisms of the Pigeon Post system I've heard multiple times is the problem of rain and other adverse weather will have on the electronic systems and on the Smart Cases.  Now I'm not an materials expert or an electrical engineer but…
Nov 16, 2011
Nathan Rae commented on Nathan Rae's blog post Introducing the Pigeon Post Project.
"Excellent Hardcore!  That's exactly the type of feedback I'm looking for.
I hope you aren't so pessimistic that you believe the problems you've listed will never be solved.  With the pace the research is progressing I can't see any of them to be…"
Oct 30, 2011
Nathan Rae commented on Nathan Rae's blog post Introducing the Pigeon Post Project.
"Hi Gerry,
The idea is to develop a number of standards for the physical systems and the data systems and get them in place before the technology catches up with us.  I have heard and seen no end of ideas about using UAVs for video and even some for…"
Oct 29, 2011
Nathan Rae commented on Nathan Rae's blog post Introducing the Pigeon Post Project.
"Greg - a quad copter will be able to use multiple technologies to help it locate the Smart Case which include the new Galilao Positioning service, the smart phone which is posting the case, the colour/pattern of the top of the Casemand the RFID tag…"
Oct 29, 2011
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Oct 28, 2011