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The right tool for the job

There have been recent posts on the “wall” about scientific and “toy” cameras for mapping. The focus is on NDVI which is simply an index that provides information about the difference between reflected red and near-infrared radiation from a target. I

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Can't save camera gimble parameters

Hi - I am trying to set up my camera (Canon A2200 running CHDK) so I can activate the shutter using a relay. I can use this setup successfully if I plug the relay directly into one of the RC receiver pins but I'd like to be able to active it using AP

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Replacing the power diode on APM 2.5

I recently had a crash that bent a motor off the arm of my quad and am now only able to arm my 3DR quad when it is connected to my computer via USB. After some troubleshooting following input from folks on this forum I think the problem is a burned o

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Only arms when connected to USB

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem that occurred after a crash that bent a motor off my 3DR quad. Now the quad will arm only when I have the APM 2.5 connected to the computer via a USB cable. If the LiPo battery is connected to the quad and the US

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Licensing for wireless video

I am looking into using a wireless video system and understand that I will need a ham license. I will be getting that but I would like to integrate the video system into my professional work. I work for a public museum and from what I understand it i

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