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Nicholas Lee replied to Darren Smith's discussion Skid Steer Using Pitch & Throttle in ArduBoat User Group
"im doing similar project too, i could get pixhawk to respond to my transmitter input. do you know what are the steps to make it work?"
Jan 21, 2018
Nicholas Lee replied to alexus's discussion APM 3.1 + Differential trust in ArduBoat User Group
"im doing similar project. any help will be appreciated "
Jan 21, 2018
Nicholas Lee posted a discussion in ArduBoat User Group
This is my first Ardupilot / Autonomous Project.I'm doing a project that requires this boat to go to a specific way point for water quality testing/sampling.This Airboat configuration uses 2 air propelled motors are meant to be a differential…
Jan 21, 2018