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Tower app LAND function mystery

How does the Tower "land" function work - in regard to altitude? I have a mission that is set to 50 ft altitude for the whole thing. When I add LAND, it shows a down arrow and "75.0 ft". I do not understand why it would land 75 ft from a 50 ft altitu

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What's she saying?

Very new to Andropilot... The voice is saying something like "warn bulled", "arm pulled" "warn pulled". What is she saying and what does it mean?


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Altitude reading way off when powering up

When I first power up my control board & connect to Mission Planner, the altitude reading is extremely high - often up around 500 to 600 meters, though the model is sitting right here on my desk. Within about a minute the altitude reading adjusts dow

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Mission planner HUD horizon inverted

Hi. Help please. I am setting up a Crius AIOP v2. I ran the arduino configuration for Megapirate. It is plugged into Mission planner and the horizon is inverted. When I tilt the board it settles back into this same position regardless of how it is ti

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Minim OSD Basic Setup

Seems to me that 99.9999% of this hobby is about finding sources for answers to questions, and that if the internet didn't exist no one would be building or flying multicopters or FPV except weird people that live in their mother's basements. Thank g

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