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PT commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Update on Fotokite, the tethered cameracopter
Its less the lack of degree and money than the attempt to acquire money and the will to do it which is missing typically. This is a large part of creating a startup and many many many people don't do it, because its hard. There is a subtle…"
Jul 5, 2014
PT commented on John C.'s blog post 25% Discount at Our New Store (Now Offline)
"So we have a 25% discount on - basically nothing? Since the store is almost empty this is of course a very nice offer ;) Don't misunderstand me, I always enjoy discount on 1.50$ cables, but somehow I hoped I could get more."
Mar 1, 2013
PT commented on OlivierD.'s blog post Amazing presentation on what is coming with controls theory
"Yeah, it's time for Jack Crossfire to comment ;)
But perhaps I should post this too, just to be sure."
Feb 15, 2013
PT commented on Jonathan Price's blog post Determining Altitude AGL Using Optical Flow
"The PX4FLOW outputs the raw pixels, you can use them as you wish, even better, the output is at 50Hz, so I think APM should also be able to handle it."
Feb 14, 2013