25% Discount at Our New Store (Now Offline)


EDIT March 4th, 2013: Thank you very much for your feedback and patience!  We've got a good to-do list now, and rather than keep two stores up and running, we're going to take the beta site down until we're ready with all of the great feedback you provided.  It will be back again soon, but if you'd like to place an order now, please visit our current site at:  http://store.diydrones.com

In conjunction with updates to the documentation, we are also rolling out a new store! It's now in beta, so we're rewarding the brave folks who are willing to help us wring out the bugs. Only a small number of product categories are currently enabled; if what you want isn't among them, please use the regular store, which will continue to be the main way to buy gear until we take the new store out of beta.

From now through the rest of this weekend, you can order a select set of 3D Robotics hardware at an incredible 25% discount!

You can get to the new store at: http://store.3drobotics.com

While you're taking advantage of this offer, please be sure to take some notes on the experience and send us some feedback at: feedback@3drobotics.com

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing what the community does with even more cutting-edge products in 2013!

Thank you!

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  • and the fedx charging is $10 cheeper at the old shop ?????????
  • the posting isnt flexible fedx is to much expencive . I think we need the post options from "old" shop
  • Has anyone worked out if it is possible to order an APM 2.5+ *without* a telemetry set?

    The APM is advertised on the front page at $179.99, so I assume it is possible, but the 'Variants' sidebar forces me to select a 915 or 433 telemetry set before I can add the APM to the basket.

  • Distributor

    Guys cant talk 100% for 3DR here but the new store is for sure not linked to the current one database wise (customer/product/orders, everything is new for now, but they will keep adding stuff). 

    It's still in Beta to find the issues and refine the look and feel.  If you really need an APM or anything for that matter and cannot "take a chance" to discover a bug then use the real current/proven store.   Distributors are "playing" around this new site for a couple weeks and let me tell you that it's getting way better every days.   

    Please report bugs, missing features and improvements, this is what they are asking for. 

  • 3DR, please confirm information from Adrian that stock info may be missing. I ordered an APM with 900MHz telemetry for delivery at the hotel I will be staying during a trip to the US. If it's backordered I won't be there when it finally ships.

  • Delivery very expensive!!! Favourably again in China to order (((

  • Is the linked site actually ready? I get a lot of "No products found" pages, when selecting from the side menu...

  • Worked for me.

  • So we have a 25% discount on - basically nothing? Since the store is almost empty this is of course a very nice offer ;) Don't misunderstand me, I always enjoy discount on 1.50$ cables, but somehow I hoped I could get more.

  • Order placed, definatley a work in progress.  I like the options buttons and how they light up to show what you have chosen. As (Ruwan) stated, the user/pass didn't seem to carry over but quick enough to just creat a new one.  Also got the authorization error after requesting a printed recipt but I did receive an email with my order confirmation so I'll assume I'm good.

    Anyone know what the "New Arducopter Pre-Order" is all about?

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