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APM not funtioning in auto modes

Well after a crash last week, seems I cannot get APM to function correctly. I'm not sure whether APM failed before of after the crash, I lost radio signal, and the aircraft failed to respond, but it did not go to RTL like it normally would (receiver

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CLI Problem

I went to use the CLI for APM prior to a flight yesterday and I cant get it it to respond to any commands. The CLI opening screen will display correctly, but when I enter a command i get no response. I have tried in both the mission planner, and seri

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Some help needed with Nav tuning.

Well I have had my APM up and running for a few weeks now and have flown some nice long missions 10-14km with trouble free performance. The only real issue I have had is the homing like action between waypoints, even in nil wind. The aircraft will dr

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APM Mission Planer problem

Hi all,


Well I had my first successfull flight with APM this morning, tested Stabilise, and FBW-A with no dramas and only some minor adjustments, but have been having issues getting the APM Mission planner to work correctly. When ever I try and write

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Servo Selection?


Just wondering if anybody has noticed any improvement in stabilisation performance, particularly reduction of occilations with the use of High speed servos?

Cheers Paul

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APM GPS issue

Hi,  I have been setting up the APM+oilpan with MediaTek GPS with the public Beta. I am not geting a GPS lock signal displayed from the ABC led's. But it will get a GPS lock with lat. and long. displayed in the CLI when testing via USB in dump mode.

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