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Prasanna replied to Ryan's discussion Fully Autonomous Quadrotor for indoor flight
"In case you are still looking for some response!
I heard good things about DJI Matrice100 + the guidance.
Not sure about the size of the drone and the price..
I think that this is a larger drone than the solo but has a much larger payload…"
Nov 29, 2016
Prasanna replied to Jefferson Romney's discussion Offboard Control - MAVROS
"Hi  Vinh,
In case you are still trying to use OPTICAL control..
Are you trying to use OPTICAL CONTROL with camera on the DRONE or external camera?
ON DRONE control can be done using PX4FLOW, a 3DR camera..
Unfortunately this is all I have at this…"
Aug 29, 2016
Prasanna replied to Adam Erickson's discussion Incorporating External Sensor Circuit Outputs into the APM Log Files
"Hi Adam, &  Everyone!

Nice post.  I am trying something similar. but the connection is from pixhawk to an odroid xu4, mounted on a 3dr x8.  The connection is using the USB-UART cable. The odroid successfully displays voltage readings based on gas…"
Jun 9, 2016
Prasanna replied to Kate's discussion Custom sensors and Real-Time logging
Glad I found this post.  I have had some success in connecting an  Odroid XU4 to a Pixhawk using the UART-USB connection to the telemetry.  The sad thing is that the connection is intermittent (might be an issue with my connection setup). …"
Jun 9, 2016