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Mission Planner crashes Windows XP

Crash description: no network connections displayed in status bar. Cannot enter network connections either from start menu or control panel. After this Explorer stops and doesnt restart. Cannot use Windows. (despite, there's still wifi and Internet).

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Connect failed

APM 2.0, MP 1.2.4

Uploaded firmware, connected first time and found no sensor data. Went into CLI. Autotest said that baro is ok, than stopped on gyro. I've reset everything, and since then each connection is failing witt this message:

"Timeout on read

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Bad gyro?


After crash, probably caused by unsoldered filters, my copter starts to immediately flip to an arbitrary side just after takeoff. In Mission Planner, I've found that it now takes 5-6 seconds for artificial horizon to come to display the act

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Stopped on unknown problem

Hi all,

I have no or maybe noisy signal inputs from receiver. What should I try?


Currently, I've only succeeded in downloading ArduPiratesNG code, because 2 other (ArduCopter) codes have continuous errors in my system.

 I've connected the C

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