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Range of 3DR Link

What sort of range are people getting from the Stock Aerials on the 3DR Radios at 433 MHz?

I am currently running a clone board at each end but was only able to get around 50M range when flying yesterday even when I oriented the aerial at 90 degrees t

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First Flight

Yay!  Thanks to the amazing work of all the people contributing to this project I was able to fly my PixHawk EasyStar (with added ailerons).

Inspired by the perfect weather, gin clear blue and almost flat calm I launched in manual, trimmed out then te

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New Ardupilot

Hi All,I assembled my Ardupilot (from Cool Components in the UK) and fitted it to my trusty EasyStar last night.Everything has gone well so far (apart from ConfigTool which I can't get to read or write)Thanks for all the work you have put in on the h

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