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SirPent replied to Kevin C. Carroll's discussion Quad flips over on power up in ArduCopter User Group
"did you check that the board is in the correct way, you know forward arrow pointing to the front?"
Sep 22, 2013
SirPent replied to Bharat Tak's discussion UART 2 for Telemetry on APM 2.5
"did you ever get it to work?"
Jul 26, 2013
SirPent posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
hi all,Let me start with everything was working fine yesterday. Today i go out for more testing and mavlink will  not connect via radio so i plugged in the usb hoping to fix th issue, windows detects the a[m but mavlink will not connect, here is a…
Jul 24, 2013
SirPent left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"hi all, i cant seem to connect to the apm2.5 via mavlink. it shows up like normal when plugged in but mavlink will not connect, even the leds seem to behave as they did normally. everything was working fine yesterday but now nothing.....i didnt…"
Jul 24, 2013
SirPent commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Ionic Thrusters for Drone Propulsion?
"Not enough power.....not even close......I think the part your missing is while it can be super efficient if you look at power use to thrust ratio, the article does not mention the equipment required to generate the electrical power weights quite a…"
Apr 3, 2013
SirPent commented on SirPent's blog post Meet [rude plane name] III
"Hey mike your are correct i did ask for feed back and i do agree a stock bixler is poor at best please don't take my response as an argument, i am only explaining why i made the particular choices i did. I was fortunate enough to see a stock bixler…"
Mar 5, 2013
SirPent commented on SirPent's blog post Meet [rude plane name] III
"i wouldn't say that at all yes the bixler is crappy  and cramped but more importantly was a cheap. Most of the reaper horror stories i have come across involve low speed and tip stalling, my frame is going through carbon fibre re enforcing and fly…"
Mar 5, 2013
SirPent commented on SirPent's blog post Meet [rude plane name] III
"i too have lusted after the x8 and the Dark wing, would need to build a catapult for one of those. You can see in the back ground my next airframe an 2.5m predator drone looking thing, i just need to find some good retracts to ad, a better camera :)…"
Mar 5, 2013
SirPent posted a blog post
hi all i just thought i would share where i am at with my build, Her name is bitch face III she was named after many hours of frustration and failure. Also she is not the first Bitch Face, the other two died horrible deaths full of g forces and foam…
Mar 4, 2013