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Built a couple of tricopters

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Steven Taylor replied to Emi's discussion Tricopters for beginners
"Check out rcexplorer.se. That's what I used for my first tricopter. You make the frame out of wood so when you crash it's really easy to repair. Just go with a kk2 for a flight controller."
Feb 25, 2013
Steven Taylor replied to Lito P's discussion Random motor surges
"Do you have another speed control to use? Maybe it's a incompatibility problem between the hobbyking esc and the flight controller? Just an idea"
Feb 12, 2013
Steven Taylor replied to Jason's discussion Strange problem with gps lock and arming the motors. APM 2.5
"so when you just plug in the battery is there any activity on the board ? or is it just the rx tx lights not coming on ?"
Jan 26, 2013
Steven Taylor replied to Brent's discussion Super Simple Gimbal
"I would really like to know if it will work. If so I am gonna add it to my tri."
Jan 19, 2013
Steven Taylor commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x with ER9x Firmware
"This helped me out a lot but how do I set up the remote to trim the apm on channel 6 ?"
Jan 15, 2013