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2 On-board Cameras


My plan is to mount 2 cameras on my quadcopter.

A Hero GoPro, for a front view, and a small Sony CCD camera for a rear view.

I transmit the video signal back to my video goggles using a 200mw FPV wireless Tx/Rx set.

Works OK now with one camera.

I whic

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Log Column Headings


While browsing log files, I am having difficulty knowing what data is in each column.

Why? Because the column headers seem to change when connected vs not connected.

For example, the ATT data, I thought, has these columns - Roll In, Roll, Pitch In, P

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Installing a new apm2.5


I have a question about powering my Spektrum ar8000 receiver.

Does powering the APM2.5 via the new power module, also provide 5V to the ar8000 via the power lines running from the apm input channels to the ar8000 receiver?

If yes, does this mean it i

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