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interested in software for UAVs, and cloud based application for UAVs



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Waldemar Rotfuss replied to Taylor Thomas's discussion Ideas on how to stream live video from GoPro, Solo, Controller, or tablet to the web during flight in 3DR SOLO
"I can confirm this. We have the VidiU Pro encoder here that also works pretty good. We grab the video from the hdmi output of the controller and ingest it into the internet directly through the encoder, via WiFi or LAN. But the encoder is expensive.…"
Feb 8, 2017
Waldemar Rotfuss commented on Waldemar Rotfuss's blog post Cloud-based MAVLink GCS: Pilotanywhere
"We kept it very general. Any platform running the ArduCopter (or APM:Copter) flight controller should work. Basically, Pilotanywhere sends pre-configured MAVLinks messages (using DroneKit) to the connected platform, see our note…"
Jan 30, 2017
Waldemar Rotfuss posted a blog post
Dear DIY Drones Community, please take a look at Pilotanywhere, http://pilotanywhere.com/ Technically, it's a cloud based GCS for vehicles communicating over MAVLink. It uses various tools, among others DroneKit. Regards, Waldemar.
Jan 27, 2017