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West replied to Ben H's discussion APM 2.9 Loiter/Alt Hold Vibration Dampening Solution
"moongel works great! It basically solved the wild gyration problem with my f450 frame. But I cannot get my quad behave as well as yours. In loiter mode, it wobbles in light wind,and it drifts up and down about 2 ft at 6 ft height and about 5 ft…"
Aug 19, 2013
West replied to dennis scheftner's discussion Lotier Problems
"I had similar experience with my f450. This post solved my problem :http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/apm-2-9-loiter-alt-hold-vibration..."
Aug 19, 2013
West posted a discussion
I started my very first rc a month ago, after some frustration were finally able to fly the quad. My goal is to do aerial photo some day but I'm having trouble to maintain a stable position with my quad. The video recorded by the onboard camera…
May 8, 2013
West commented on Mark Harrison's blog post APM2 ESC startup problem and workaround
"My apm2.5 and dji f450 kit (30 amp opt ESCs) was making  constant beeping before I tried usb boot up first and then plug in the lipo. Now, ESCs make a brief music sound and stop. However, I cannot get any motor spin by trying everything: reconfig rc…"
Apr 19, 2013
West replied to West's discussion apm 2.5 + aji f450, ESCs beep like crazy, no motor motion...help!
"problem partially solved by following wiki troubleshooting: used USB to boot the apm before plug in batt. ESCs now make a short musical sound and stop. However, I still cannot get any response from motors by moving sticks. I also tried pull down…"
Apr 19, 2013
West posted a discussion
a newbie putting together apm (with its inline power supply) and f450 kit. Loaded the latest firmware and gone through MP configuration with my spektrum dx5e and calib. accel. During the setup process I didn't hear a sound from ESCs. When the 3S…
Apr 18, 2013