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AeroLink Base

The AeroLink Base is a ruggedised telemetry case that allows you to quickly, easily and safely use your RFD900 modems out in the field. It helps protect your modem from drop damage, exposure to rain or dust and, breaks out the FTDI style connection to a standard micro USB connector. It's perfect for OEMs who currently use RFD modems with their systems and would like a simpler overall design for end-customer use. We have options to purchase with or without the RFD modem.

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AeroLink RFD Adapter Board

The AeroLink RFD Adapter Board allows you to simply and securely mount your RFD radio modem and use a standard 6 pin JST-GH cable to connect between the telemetry modem and autopilot. It also breaks out the new PPM pin on the RFD900x modems and most importantly allows you to power the modem from an external source (such as a UBEC). Perfect for anyone using an RFD modem.

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I thought I'd post this here as I believe these products are useful for the community. If you'd like to purchase either product you can find them on our website ( or if you're based in the UK, 3DXR ( is now stocking these items.

We're looking for resellers

If you'd like to become a reseller for these products or any of our other products please contact

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Introducing the AeroDrone MR4



Today we are pleased to announce the AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor Platform!

The AeroDrone MR4 is a rigid, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient quadrotor design that not only looks great, but has the performance to match. This platform is the evolutionary result of rigorous engineering design, development, and testing conducted in-house at our facility in Melbourne, Australia. Utilizing the amazing APM Autopilot, the MR4 frame has been extensively field tested in order to assure high-end performance when used in any flight mode. The core of the MR4 is covered by the hard ABS Case which has been designed not only to protect the on-board electronics but to make it look great as well. The MR4 platform comprises of strategically placed inbuilt sensor bays, has been designed with high ground clearance (14.5cm) to accommodate a payload of up to 500 grams, and is capable of flying for over 15 minutes. The frame is built entirely out of recyclable materials (like polycarbonate and aluminium), ensuring that the environmental impact of the MR4 is kept to a minimum over the lifetime of the product.


We are selling three different kit versions;

  • Frame Kit
  • Frame Kit + Propulsion Pack
  • Full Kit

as well as an RTF package.

Take a look around our newly designed website to find out more about the MR4. We would love to hear your thoughts on the product and look forward to helping you get flying with this amazing system.

If you have any questions or comments you can post them below or send us an email at and we'll do our best to help.


We would also like to thank all those who contribute to the wonderful ArduPilot project. Your amazing skills coupled with 3DRs fantastic hardware has produced what we think is the worlds best autopilot for its price. The MR4 has been built around it. Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration to all of us.

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AeroCase - ArduPilot Mega Case

Today, Bask Aerospace would like to announce the introduction of a new product, AeroCase.


3689415121?profile=originalThis ABS Plastic bulkhead case has been designed to work perfectly with the ArduPilot Mega System (including MediaTek GPS Module and 900MHz Xbee Telemetry). It features; CNC Machined Servo Pin and USB Holes, pre-mounted PCB stand-offs for easy ArduPilot Mega mounting and everything else you need to help protect your system. We use the same case for our popular AeroPilot so we know just how good this little case is.

For just AUD$24.95, you get everything you need to help protect your ArduPilot Mega and make it simple to integrate into many aerial platforms. Find out more >>

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New Australian Distributor

Hi All,


My company Bask Aerospace has just recently become a DIY Drones Distributor in Australia. We have a brand spanking new website ( which we think is pretty cool.

Along with all the usual DIY Drones products, we have created a range of RTF (Ready-to-Fly) solutions (AeroPilot) that we hope will meet the needs of a broad range of people.




We would love you to head on over to our site, check it out (buy some stuff if you need it :) ) and post a comment below letting us know what you think. Any and all feedback is welcome.


My company (and myself) has a strong background in software development and engineering. We have some big things planned for the future of UAVs and I personally think DIY Drones is a fantastic community (who have helped me a lot... and I mean a lot)

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