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Not sure what to say.

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In an attempt to share my love of flight and R/C with my son, I decided to build an arducopter with him.


Lincoln, NE

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david.wiens posted a discussion
Is it currently possible for the Mission Planner to relay Mavlink data to another device. (eg Master stream in COM1 --> forward stream out COM2)?I am currently using mavproxy to take the master Mavlink stream from the quadcopter and relay it to the…
Mar 7, 2013
david.wiens replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.6 released!
"Just built my first Octo. Hobbyking F-30A , Turnigy SK3 3530-1150. (2)Turnigy 6000mAh.  APM1-2560, with firmware 2.6
During a calm flight everythng is fine. If I bank hard, it seems like the ESC's go nuts.
You can hear the strange sound in the video…"
Jul 1, 2012
david.wiens replied to Jason Short's discussion I2C Wiring Library - Lockup
"Has anyone taken this on?  I found the post that looks to be a similar solution.  I will try to see if I can make this solution work in the next few days.  If anyone has any additional insight I would love to hear it."
Dec 15, 2011
david.wiens commented on Jason Short's blog post Arducopter 2.0.40 preview
"Anyone else have trouble compiling this?"
Sep 5, 2011
david.wiens posted a discussion
Three weekends ago I accidentally burned my mux chip out on my APM v1.0 (ATMega1280) board.   Whoops, so I order a new APM (ATMega2560) from the DIY Drones store.  After soldering up the pins and getting everything mounted back into my rig I load up…
May 27, 2011
david.wiens posted a discussion
Hello all. With the spring on the way and Hobby King finally sending me all the additional parts needed, I have begun my quad copter build along with my son. My intent of the project was to share with him my love of R/C. (and an excuse to build…
Feb 26, 2011