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diovoneh replied to Trung Nguyen's discussion Measuring Stall Speed with APM in ArduPlane User Group
"Hi Trung
here is one good practical way to determine stall speed
1- fly to a safe altitude
2-switch to FBW-A or Stabilize mode
3- fly level
4-decreasing throttle try to reduce speed
5-almost reaching the stall speed airplane will oscillate around…"
Aug 3, 2013
diovoneh replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released
"nice job!
for flat turn isn't better to control vertical acceleration instead of adding pitch compensation in turns?
in turns more elevator is needed instead more pitch angle!"
Jul 21, 2013
diovoneh replied to AntimatterCrusader's discussion APM 2.5 - No Throttle in Auto/Loiter Mode - LOG attached in ArduPlane User Group
"I had the same problem during my setup in my ground tests but in flight such thing did not happen. (I almost took a risk). at that time I thought it is matter of speed. now it seems it is not! now it is more risky. I had arduplane 2.72!
I appreciate…"
Jun 16, 2013