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elie maalouf posted a discussion
Hi guys, i have this y3 setup vtol with tilting vectored 2 front motors, and 1 rear motor.At qstabilize mode, the rear motor wont spin until full throttle, did tried everything : changed esc, motor, esc calibration. If esc is connected to receiver…
Apr 11, 2021
elie maalouf left a comment on PIXHAWK
"Hello guys i have 12 original pixhawk 3dr for sale. Anyone interested?"
Nov 8, 2020
elie maalouf posted a discussion
hey guys i have been flying arducopter 3.1 very nicely since today i updated to 3.2 and setup everything. After a few seconds of flight time the motor stops and the quad crahsed. Any idea what could have been.after r dovery one of the motor wont…
Dec 2, 2014
elie maalouf posted a discussion
hi guys i have made a tbs discovery clone but with the f330 scale. all carbon fiber looks great.the problem is when i move forward in stabilize mode end stop it gain altitude.other problem it wobbles a little sometimes.setup. tbs f330 scale frame,…
Aug 15, 2014
elie maalouf posted discussions
Oct 17, 2013