Saint Petersburg, FL

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Made my own wood tri

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Tri and quad copters. Made a wood tri that still flys well with kkboard.

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eric.stubkjaer commented on Ellison Chan's blog post UAV Inspired by Maple Seed.
"Why, because I believe this type of craft can get quadcopter/helicopter type flight with close to airplane efficiency. But I have not seen any comments on this aspect of the design. And you can 'point' the camera to any compass direction instantly,…"
Jun 13, 2012
eric.stubkjaer replied to Derek Golding's discussion new install
"I just got my radio working tonight. Here is what I found and did. Air board is purple and does not match the picture on the store link. Looking at the radio board with the daughter board up, starting at the pin in the corner as 1 (I found the…"
May 9, 2012
eric.stubkjaer commented on Igor van Airde's blog post Tricopter based on ArduCopter, yaw-issues and solutions
"Got my tri flying last night. When using the KK board I ended up tilting the 2 front motors (about 7 deg) so the craft would hover in one position LEVEL. Before this the frame tilted to one side to counter the side thrust of the tail rotor which had…"
Apr 20, 2012
eric.stubkjaer replied to Rick's discussion Prop directions for Tri Copters:
"My tricopter has all three props spinning in the same direction and flys well.
With standard props (right hand?) I tilt the two fixed motors a few degrees to the left (looking out from center). This makes the craft fly level when staying in place…"
Mar 5, 2012
eric.stubkjaer posted a discussion
The birth of an ideaThis is a description of my idea for a new type of aircraft. All aircraft fly in 3D space, but must fly within an envelope determined by their construction. Airplanes (generally) can only fly forward into a conical volume.…
Mar 5, 2012