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Support for Coaxial Helicopter?

I've looked for a section all over the program and even though I can find the swash plate settings for a 90 degree swash I don't see anything for designating the motors for yaw control.  Is there support for this kind of helicopter?

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APM2 for just FBL stabilizer

Currently I have an APM2 on order.  What I would like to do is just have the APM2 be an FBL controller.  I have a direct drive tail (no servo) with a gyro.  I would have to test it later with the APM but to see if it works I just want it to be in sta

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FBW in Arducopter?

I posted this on another topic but I should have specified it more directly in the proper topic here.  My application requires a lot of heli related aspects and arducopter covers them.  However, what I need is what was suggested to me in the other to

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APM 2.0 offset in flight?

I personally do not own one and am looking for a flight controller that will do what I need it to do.  First is the most important one.

Can the APM 2.0, with the flip of the flight mode switch or any switch, create an offset so it thinks it's flying l

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