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y6 autotune problem

I have just tested my y6 in flight ,

Controller pixhawk

Esc afro 30a

Motors multistar 4220 390

Bat 4s 5000

All  up weight 2.9 kg

Prop CF 15" x 5.5

I have identified a problem that is lack of final RPMs., thinking that it a maybe a tunning problem , I tryed

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pixhawk and spektrum Tm1000

is there a way to connect the TM1000 to pixhawk ?

the purpose id to have basic telemetry on the Spektrum TX screen .

anybody have DSM2 or X , hardware spec to see if the Tm1000 and satellite can be daisy chained to the Pixhawk port?


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W8 vs android tablet for mission Planner

Trying to decide which way to go w8 or android,I would like to know if somebody has an experience of running mp on a w8 tablet and compared it with the droid planner app running on an android tab.Is mp on a tablet practical ?, can I replace the netbo

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Arducopter simulation with FG

IT seams that no one has been successful on making the latest arducopter versions to. Work in Hil mode with the latest version of flightgear.I would very much appreciate once somebody succeed , to post the setup on this discussion , so we can all lea

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