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Mission Planner and APM2 problems

On recent versions of firmware (where I seem to have not been able to get my quad flying like it did on 2.73) I have been trying to figure out what has gone south. When I ploy my waypoints and disconnect and then reconnect I see the distance to waypo

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What is the proper way to get help.

I have an 3DR Arducopter with Turnigy AE-30 esc's. I have a 2.5 APM and brand new 2838 motors. In fact, everything is brand new.

I have another Quad that flies perfectly. It comes back when it is "called" and flies very nicely.

The 3DR is a little larg

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Trouble with PiDs and more


Maybe it is not the PIDS but I think they contribute. I have two platforms .APM 1.x and 2.x

Mainly I am concerned with my 1.x running 2.7.3 on a quad. I have 1000kv motors (2212) and the gps does not seem to be very accurate I am using the mediatek v

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ArduPilot Mega Help Tuning PIDs

OK I have a not fancy at all plane. It is a SuperCub Parkflyer no ailerons Just Rudder Elevator and Throttle. I noticed the default settings contain no YAW settings. I am assuming this is where my problem is but I am not sure.


The Stabilize mode seem

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Arduino ADC supplement

Hi all, Kinda new to the whole blog thing, but I have been wondering about the IMU5DOF and Arduino's lack of substantial ADC bits for resolution for a heli. Anyway, Could we supplement the ADC up to 2048 bits by combining two ADC channels like this?Y

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