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Iris+ Flips on takeoff

So i have fried the esc board twice. Got the bird back and running early January. took it out, flipped backward on me.

Fast forward to today. connected to MP went through the firmware update performed all calibrations that I could including Esc calibr

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Flight simulator for solo

I seem to recall reading a statement about a flight simulator specifically for the solo. I went by my local best buy and they have a SOLO displayed and the controller connected to a tv monitor where one could use the controller and virtually fly a SO

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Iris+ no RTL, or follow me mode working.

So yeterday I went out and performed a mission using droid planner. went well, a few minor adjustments and everything will work great. However I also tried to flip my RTL switch on my IRIS+ tx, iris never responded at all. The reason I beleive it did

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Iris+ takes flight then lands itself thrice

I am looking for some  help. i had a couple pretty horrific crashes within the week. one broken arm multiple props bent. anyways I connected to Mission planner, BTW installed a new arm and flew it later that night just to make sure  I had repaired it

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Iris+ wont take off without flipping forward

I have a new iris+ when I first got it, It worked great, I have since crashed it through a tree and broke a arm. I have since replaced the arm and recalibrated the compass, the esc and the accel. I believe. I use MP2 which works great but after the c

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