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love the new tech. FPV, the super brains of the APM and Pixhawk are going to change the way we use uav's and hopefully consolidate all brands into a uniform single source of uav control. 



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Dec 29, 2020
mark sahf left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Richard, in your comment regarding Geo-fencing around airports. Is that the info you see in Mission Planner and others alike? I dont know if its a real geo-fence or just the 5 mile circle around the airport showing the no-fly zone? That was my…"
Apr 7, 2015
mark sahf commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using LIDAR-Lite to sweep an arc for sense-and-avoid
"Neato has LIDAR spinning 360 degrees to read all around it. They sell for $100 bucks on ebay although one is on auction now at .99 cents. now as impressive as the one you showed here Chris, do you think a neato LIDAR would be able to be used for…"
Jan 27, 2015
mark sahf commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post FPV gimbal for zoom camera
"So Kefta  what model are you using? and you are satisfied with your current gimble or would you rather be able to buy one of Greg's prototype gimble. I will say that I agree with Klaus Heinrich on keeping the drone steady while zooming. I can see…"
Jan 27, 2015
mark sahf replied to Nakia Brewer's discussion APM:Rover Questions in ArduRover User Group
"I'm thinking of not just sonar for trees, etc. but measuring how hard the ground is with sonar could keep you right on the edge of walkways, driveways. Similar to how a roomba vacuum senses its on a stairway. Wouldn't need GPS for that so it could…"
Jan 27, 2015
mark sahf commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post FPV gimbal for zoom camera
"yes and it is affordable at under $200. Now the makers of Only Flying Machines uses this camera for a surveillance Drone at the cost of 14K. So questions are for Kefta, how dis you connect it to your drone, gimble? and for  Greg Dronsky, do you plan…"
Jan 25, 2015
mark sahf commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post FPV gimbal for zoom camera
"Sony makes a nice 30X zoom with some ir, night vision ability. Looked very nice on youtube also. The camera is now being sold as a drone camera with all the right hookup etc. They did seem to leave out much of the exterior of the camera but the…"
Jan 23, 2015
mark sahf replied to mark sahf's discussion using the rover as a auto sentry with audio and video? in ArduRover User Group
"Ya, would love to hear them. I had purchased several roombas and I have a room full of units and parts. You have an idea that sounds interesting we can get parts thats for sure.
Jan 23, 2015
mark sahf replied to yuvraj's discussion To Start Rover in ArduRover User Group
"I purchased a 21st century toy co. 1/6 tank which had all kinds of space inside. Had to put new tracks on to as its gear ratio made it go to fast and lose a track, only paid $30 for the tank picked up new stronger motors and the metal gearing to…"
Jan 23, 2015
mark sahf posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
Has anyone made the rover into a roving security system? I have hacked Roomba and reprogramed with a tether I make then removed parts not needed and added security items and programed it to guard the halls. because its large top it made a good…
Jan 19, 2015