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fail firmware update please help!

I updated to the latest firmware and it said it was done but it must have failed, I can no longer connect to my apm2.5 via usb or wireless link. the motors make a  'beee beep' nosie and randomly spin up a little. the red and orange lights up near the

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Do you like my Brushless Gimbal?

this is the 3rd gimbal I have designed and built for my hexacopter, the yellow weight on the left side gimbal is just to trim the gimbal out and just make the gopro a bit heavier. it makes a huge difference to vibrations in the video to have the came

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Hexa bouncy in loiter?

Hey guys my hexa is very stable in loiter over a height of about 12 meters approx, but lower than that my hexa seems to hover well and then randomly drop nearly touching the ground and bounce right back up. I've thought maybe it was a bad reading fro

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