UAV Block Diagram

This block diagram shows current and future enhancements to the current system I am working on.

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  • initial thought was to use it as a low altitude < 3 meters sensor for assisting in auto hover/take off and landing. But as I did some testing, the PING sensor varies its results way too much to be a reliable method.
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    What's the ultrasonic sensor for?
  • That is exactly what I am doing. I pass through all the servo inputs from the reciever and then when I flip the gear switch the stamp takes over. While the stamp would be performing the flying, I redirect chanels 1 and 2 for camera control (yet to be added).
  • Is this copilot receiver also your radio receiver? I would imagine you'd want the receiver to run motor control through the stamp, so when you flip the switch, the stamp can register, and take over flight controls (servo side, pulling from gps, and stabilization telemetry).
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