ArduCopter, Hexa frame

Hexa setup for round quad/hexa plate

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  • where i can get autocad design File for this frame?

  • Chris thank you so much for the link.  Two quick questions:

    1. Is the center ring for the dome for the Hexacopter available somewhere?
    2. Does the Hexacopter use the same dome arms as the Quadcopter?


  • 3D Robotics

    Jeremy: the available ArduCopter design files are in the manual.

  • Where are the CAD files of these frames available?

  • does anybody have it to autocad file    hexaframe?


  • Still interested in this, any updates?
  • Thanks Jani.... hoping to see it soon in the new jdrones store.
  • Developer

    We just been busy on Quad frames lately. Hexa is not forgotten it is much alive. If you look my picture gallery, there are already flying ArduCopter hexas. Yes after everything are settled again, there will be hexa kits too. We are just moving jDrones to new production location and everything should be ready in 1 week or so.


    There will be tri, quad, hexa frames at least and all their center frames are made from fiberglass. All frames will have set of common parts too.

  • One more question: what material is this center plate made of?


  • Jani, what happened with this quad/hexa center plate design? do you plan to sell it in the future or has it been discarded  for any reason?

    It would be great if you could please upload the design files for it!

    Thanks for sharing this great stuff!!

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