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ArduCopters are taking of from factory grounds. At front of line is Hexa and after that + and x mode ArduCopters

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  • Like the configuration, seems to be very light.

  • Developer

    Paul, those are normal ESCs that jDrones produces. If I am not totally mistaken, those ESCs on copters on the picture had all 20Amp ESCs (Picture is almost 4 years old already).

    Those most and ESCs were the base that all ArduCopters were build on. Later we changed the color of the motors to be black as they are custom made motors for us.

  • what kind of esc are those ?

  • Developer
    Yes it is powerful. New hexa have even better landing gears. Just browse my picture galleries and you can see them.
  • I like the hexa.. looked powerful and beauty with the nice landing gear

  • so much win in that picture
  • Loving the hexa's landing gear!  I'm putting together one of your quads soon and - assuming that goes well enough! - I hope to make a hexa next.  Any chance of that gear making it into the store?


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