Brushless gimbal - step 1 of 3

Brushless gimbal - step 1 of 3

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  • Rewinding was necessary because that time it was not possible to buy motor for gimbal.

    Now you can easily buy motor for any camera weight and size. Just google "buy gimbal motor".

  • Hi

    Can you explain why rewinding of the brushless motor is needed?

    Does it imply rewinding of the wires on the stator?

    It is much time consuming job. Arent there any motors that do not require rewinding?

  • this is the purpose of the cable. you shoot one single camera, and the second is driven at same moment. 

    Gopro Studio software will even know how to recognize the left/right image, if you want to go with stereo 3D images.

  • Thanks Criro. I read somewhere that synchro would allow shooting with two cameras simult.

  • On Gopro you can setup camera to shot pictures at some predefined intervals (... 1 sec, 5 sec, etc ). This is the way I am doing when shot 360 panorama picture, see some example on

    APM has a trigger for DSLR camera, look into documentation, I never did use it so far.

    For gopro sync cable, see picture below, is part of Gopro 3D kit


  • Thanks Criro1999. This may solve my issue if I decide to use gopro. Do you know what mechanism is used to trigger this system? I am planing to use the AMP 2.6 controller and not sure if there is a way to remote trigger the two cameras simult. I have also read that the canon line provides better picture for my purpose (images that capture entire 120 acres of land with high resolution to get a good ground resolution).


  • Not only...

    You can have 2 cameras, one with NIR filter (Goppro modified), one without (visible spectrum) and you can extract the vegetation imagines (NDVI)

  • @criro1999: Actually the dual Gopro cameras is to create 3D video.

  • what model for two cameras simultan?

    if you think to 2 x Gopro, see link below. There is a feature to shoot (sync) both camera


  • Hi guys,

    Any advice on what gimbal model will allow me to use two cameras simultaneously? I am not sure if such a gimbal exists? Additionally, would it be possible to remotely trigger two cameras at the same time? Thanks

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