FPV PLane 004

Fiberglass fuselage, Carbon Tail Boom, 84" Wingspan, 360 degree FPV Camera, GoPro HD in nose,

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  • What motor and battery combo you using? What is the total weight?
  • No, I didn't vacuum back them just because of the lack of experience. I may try bagging on the next set. The foam cores where covered with 1/16 balsa then .75 oz glass cloth. West systems resin brushed on then squeegee excess, sand and paint.
  • wow, brilliant finish.  I've been toying with the idea of glassing foam wings, did you vauum bag these or just roller on some resin?
  • Rory, I haven't flown it yet, just waiting on nice weather.


    The fuselage was made by making a plug just the way you would like the finished product to be. This was done with foam, fiberglass, body filler, lots and lots of sanding. then paint. After the plug was complete a mold was made out of fiberglass.  Then the fuselage was layed up using several layers of fiberglass cloth and resin.

    If you do a search for "fiberglass mold making" you will find several similar processes.

    The wings were hot wire cut, control surfaces cut out and any other opening. Then covered in light weight fiberglass cloth.

    Hope that helps.

  • Amazing finishing! could you give us some tips of the technique you used to build the wings/fuse?? Congrats! ;)
  • T3
    Very nice. What are the flight characteristics like?
  • Rory,

    The whole plane is scratch built. I made plug and mold for fuselage. Purchased 1" Carbon tube for boom. Styrofoam core glassed tail feathers, Wings are styrofoam core then glassed.

  • T3
    Did you build the wing or use one from another aircraft?
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