RVJet in progress

RVJet in progress

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  • Look at the pictures.

  • Hi Knut,

    I am looking into RVJET, and want to install a camera, so as to take stills in the -90 deg. direction (Nadir).

    Do you have or know of such an installation for the camera (I have a Canon S100) ?. Thanks

  • No special cable needed. With the Pixhawk, the power gets to the servos from the ESC/BEC simply by plugging the throttle cable from the ESC into the throttle out port on the Pixhawk. When using a separate BEC, it's also just a matter of plugging the BEC into an available servo slot. On the Pixhawk (and the APM too, if I remember right), power (and ground) is shared between servos.

    When using a separate BEC, be sure to NOT have the power lead (red cable) from the ESC connected to the throttle port. Cut the red wire in the throttle cable to the ESC, otherwise you destroy the ESC.

  • Thank you ver much for your reply. Do you use a special servo cable, so as to power the servo from the BEC and connect the signal pole on the APM?
  • I'm building the RVJet around a Pixhawk, and I'm powering the servo rail from the BEC in a Castle Creations Phoenix Edge ESC. On other planes, I usually power servos from a standalone CC-BEC.



  • HI,

    could I please ask your opinion on something regarding the RVJET?

    Did you connect your servos directly on the APM or did you use an external BEC to power them?



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