Nearly there...

A bit more painting to do and time for the maiden!

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  • I like your fuselage...:) Did you test it in CFD or straight away built it using your intuition.
    I am stuck designing my fuselage and need some help to break this brick wall.
  • drop-able payload
  • What's the pod on the bottom for?
  • have you posted this build anywhere ? love to see how u have done..
  • I was just kidding...I'm glad everyone likes it. Lots of hard work for the past 3 months.
    I do build prototypes for people, yes
  • Oh I appreciate too... sorry the hate just pushed its way through and perhaps envy is a much better word. Great work! Really hope your maiden flight is soon.

    Do you build UAV commercially?
  • Don't hate, Appreciate! :)
  • You realize we all hate you? ;) Very fine looking...thank you for sharing. Please post video of Maiden flight.
  • Thanks all. I would consider releasing the plan but it will be very hard to build without CNC and moulds. I'm still thinking about fine tunning the wings as well.
  • Very cool, well done.
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