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  • Agreed, nice work. Was the construction funded under a grant (NASA, University, or otherwise)? If so, what was the end goal?
  • All I can say... AWESOME...


    Can you update us on the first flight?

  • Its nice Stephen. like to see more pictures. tried to find on facebook but can't find it. could you direct me to correct page tahnks

  • Richard,

    The fuselage is S-glass with glass over birch core for the superstructure.

    I and a couple of Student Assistants did all the work including avionics and payload integration.

    There were no plans ever drawn.  NASA used a laser digitizer to compare this full scale, yes, it is full scale, to the original wind tunnel model which has about a 22 inch wingspan and was built using SLA Resin Prototyping System.

    I used the same original wind tunnel model to scale up to the full scale.  I did not have a LASER digitizer so I used another method to get cross-sectional templates with damaging the original model.


    I have hundreds of construction photos, some of which are on my Facebook page.

    The original molds still exist.  The aircraft now resides hanging from the ceiling at Delkwood Grill, exit 261 from I-75 in Marietta, Georgia, about five miles from where the aircraft was built.

  • Hi Stephen  Did you build the fuselage out of fiberglass or composite fiber material?  Did you do the work yourself, or did you contract the work out to buid the frame for you?  Did you design the plans for CNC laser cut of either Basa wood or composite material.  You did a beautiful job,  I like the looks of your craft.  Are their any other photo's of the construct, and lastly are the plans available for purchase. Thank you for your time.  Richard T Leiterman. 
  • Corey,
    Yes, it is.
  • is that georgia tech?
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