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  • It looks relly great. Do you have any video 

  • @ Shaun, I designed them and am having a local pan company (Lloyd Pans in Spokane Washington) spin them for me. I based the original design off of a 9in cheese cake pan.

  • Love it, wingtip vortices are drag  ;-)  So are rotor strikes, especially when striking flesh.  

    How did you form, or where did you acquire, the aluminum shrouds?

  • @ Daniel, It flies pretty well for all of the added weight. With a little fine tuning of the shape of the shroud we will be getting enough thrust to counter the weight of the shrouds. I havent noticed any issues with prop wash. Yes the rings are made from aluminium.

  • How well does this fly? Are there any issues with prop wash and are the rings make of aluminium? Besides the grilling, nice job!!!
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