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  • This work is extremely interesting for me.  I am very interested in the status of your work with a standard propeller as a ducted fan.  What can you share?

  • The duct pretty much compensates for its own weight, we are using them more for an additional safety feature than the increased thrust. The ducts don't vibrate all that bad. We did cut the rotors down to get the gap we wanted between the tip and the duct. I didn't balance the rotors we used in the one pictured at all, I wanted to see how bad it would vibrate from cutting the tips off and it made no noticeable difference. We are having a local pan company (Lloyd Pans in Spokane Washington) spin them for us. I based the original design off of a 9" cheese cake pan.

  • @MINDS-i
    Cheers, that sounds quiet good. So it probably compensates the ducts weight or even better. How does the construction behave from the vibration point of view ? As you had to cut the wing tips a bit, I assume you needed to do at least a static balancing afterward. How have you made the duct ? Sorry, for asking you a hole into your belly, but this is very, very interesting for me. TIA for your answer.
  • @Jochen, the gap is just under 1/8th (0.125") We have a new version of the duct that has a lot shorter height and weighs about 125 grams each (just over 1/4 lb). The ducts do help increase the thrust as well by increasing the airflow into the rotor.

    We have tried using EDF's and they only work for fairly small frames, ours is almost 24" diagonally center to center.

  • Hi, that really looks great. How big is the gap between the wing tips and the funel ? How heavy is the entire funnel/duct construction ? I was thinking of using EDF's for my copter (my 1. copter, have only helis), but most of them are too strong (hovering calculated to be at 35% throttle) and I could nowhere find a manufacturer, who offers EDF's which can be used cw and ccw. I have 2 children and I have seen how dangerous open propellers are ... just by imagining what could actually happpen, I feel very bad.This i one of the reasons, I want to stop flying helis and use multicopters with ducted props.
  • Looks great! How is the motor and blade performance with a tri-blade and duct fan configuration versus a normal blade configuration without the duct assembly? Do you have the motors on a thrust vector or is the motor assembly on a pivot?  Very cool!

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